Metals in Therapy and Diagnosis
Metals in Therapy and Diagnosis

Research Group Gómez-Quiroga ‒ Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Adoración Gómez Quiroga

Team leader


Our research is focused on the development of non-conventional anticancer metallodrugs, mainly using platinum as metal, and the study of their mechanism of action. We aimed at targeting selectively tumours by identifying specific interactions with biomolecules, besides DNA. The metal complexes are rationally designed by modifying the chemical structures of known active platinum complexes, exploiting the biological properties of the ligands, using different leaving groups and oxidation states of the metal ions. The main goal is to obtain platinum drugs with enhanced activities, and load them onto carriers (drug delivery). Furthermore, the study of the interaction of these complexes with different biomolecules (applying biophysical methods) allows assessing their specific mode of action, which is crucial for the design of improved metallodrugs. Novel drug-activation approaches are also employed, e.g. photoactivation of the metallodrugs.


Research group member:

Ana Matesanz García

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1 January 2018: Adoración Gómez-Quiroga becomes the coordinator of the network


7 March 2017: Conchita Gimeno is one of the awardees of the IUPAC 2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry


14 october 2015: The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain finances the network

Ref: CTQ2015-70371-REDT

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