Metals in Therapy and Diagnosis
Metals in Therapy and Diagnosis

Research Group METALOFARMACOS ‒ Universidad de Murcia

José Ruiz López

Team leader


Our investigation deals with:

1) The design and preparation of noble-metal anticancer drugs and antiangiogenic agents based on the benzimidazole pharmacophore and benzylamine, including new fluorescent coordination compounds.

2) The targeted transport of the most active drugs by conjugation to small peptides, other biomolecules or DNA intercalators.

3) The preparation of noble-metal-based drugs loaded on silk-fibroin nanoparticles to improve cell internalization and to overcome resistance mechanisms.

4) Targeting drug delivery using magnetic nanoparticles.

Finally, we are developing new inhibitors of amyloid-b aggregation based on iridium(III) complexes.


Research group members:

Antonio Donaire González, Venancio Rodríguez Hernández, María Dolores Santana Lario

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1 January 2018: Adoración Gómez-Quiroga becomes the coordinator of the network


7 March 2017: Conchita Gimeno is one of the awardees of the IUPAC 2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry


14 october 2015: The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain finances the network

Ref: CTQ2015-70371-REDT

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